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vendredi, 15 décembre 2017

Image So in our area the 'Grès des Vosges' (local sandstone is the most used stone, other stones allow other textures or colors.

Marble, stone for the sculpture by excellence since always, allow a large smoothness of work and offers the possibility of the polished aspect.

Tender Limestones, like the 'Savonnière' or 'Estaillade', bring hot colors and a different aspect.

La Stéatite, tendrer, with splendid veinings and a polished aspect.

And they are only examples of the multitude of possibilities…

Small carved subjects on a stone element  or monumental statues, reliefs... All or almost is possible out of stone.

In an area xhere stone is very present, the restoration is part of my activity, in particular that of calvary which are drawn up in our campaigns.

I work as well for particular customers as for prescribers (communes, parishes…)

I am at your disposal to help you with the realization of your projects.
Do not hesitate to contact me.

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