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lundi, 18 décembre 2017
Learn more about sundials
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Learn more about sundials
the different kinds of sundials
How to install and direct a sundial
Informations given by the sundial

How to install and direct a sundial

As opposed to what a majority of people thinks, one can place a sundial anywhere, not necessarily on a wall directed in the South. The only constraint is obviously that the site is sunny as more as  possible for a long time in the course of the day.

For an accurate sundial , it is necessary to have a number of parameters:

Determination of the longitude and the latitude of the place

These two indications are fundamental for the determination of the tracings of the dial. One can find them while using some Geological Survey map  and  searching by interpolation the coordinates of the place where you want to place the dial, but the the simplest and fastes solutiont is to consult these datas on Internet sites (i.e. Googlearth).

Determination of the gnomonic declination of the support

Rhis is the angle, measured in a horizontal plane, that a wall's perpendicular makes with due south (i.e. a wall facing S has d = 0°). Walls declining westward have positive declinations, those eastward, negative.

Determination of the inclination of the support from the vertical or horizontal

It will be a question of checking the verticality of the support or of determining the slope of it.